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Communicate easily and effectively with all your partners and clients

We design business-to-business systems to ease your daily work: interacting with other companies, suppliers, partners and clients has never been more effective.

We develop digital b2b tools to improve business flows

B2B, also known as business to business, is the acronym used to indicate all those activities carried out by companies to communicate and exchange data or information with each other.
These processes often take a considerable amount of time and energy because they are rooted in business flows.
Their effectiveness is sometimes undermined by the tools used which may be outdated and poorly performing.
Here’s where Weblink skills and expertise come in, by offering solutions aimed at digitizing those processes, providing modern and performing B2B tools, which have a direct and measurable impact on the optimization of flows and management costs of such activities.
For years we have been developing B2B eCommerce solutions through which companies, as suppliers, sell products to their customers by managing lists and customised discounts based on existing agreements.
Our tools are perfectly integrated with any type of company software in order to guarantee the turnover continuity and storage management

Our B2B tools, over the years, have been adopted by several companies to effectively improve any of their work phase.
We provide companies with solutions for the sales force automation, digital catalogues, different apps for the orders collection and e-procurement tools offered to their trading departments with the constant need for innovation and to improve the quality of their work.
Our ability to develop tailored B2B solutions for any type of customer can be proved by various web and intranet platforms developed ad hoc for our clients operating in different fields.
Thanks to our work, these companies have increased their growth, reduced costs and eliminated the error margin.
The development of business to business platforms is deeply rooted in our company DNA and is reflected on the professionalism and reliability of our solutions.
We are ready for every challenge, with great enthusiasm, on the strength of our field-proven experience on B2B

Here are some B2B systems that we’ve developed:


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