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How to make your business processes effective

Improve and plan the management of business processes

What are business processes and why it is important to plan them in the best way

Business processes are all activities or operations that organizations must perform to achieve their goals. These processes may include activities such as human resource management, manufacturing, customer relationship management, logistics and accounting.

The optimization of business processes is important because it allows you to reduce costs, improve efficiency and productivity and increase the quality of the products or services provided by the organization. The use of software to optimize business processes is useful because it allows you to automate repetitive tasks and reduce human errors, improve data and information management, and create detailed reports on business performance that can help you make better decisions and more informed. In addition, business process automation saves valuable time that can be used for other tasks that require specific human skills, such as strategic planning and data analysis.

But how can these processes be automated? Through the BPMS: Business Process Management System.

BPMS are essential for companies

BPMS are essential tools for managing business processes. If you are looking for a way to improve organization and business planning, you are in the right place.

Corporate reorganization is a time consuming and resource consuming process, but the use of a BPMS can simplify and speed up this process. With BPMS, it is possible to manage all business processes effectively, eliminating inefficiencies and reducing waiting times.

Corporate strategic planning is another important aspect of business success, and BPMS can help ensure that day-to-day activities align with the company’s strategic goals. Thanks to the automation of processes, BPMS allow you to manage activities efficiently and to concentrate on the activities of greater value.

Business processes can vary greatly depending on the sector, but process automation can be applied in many areas, from managing corporate information flows to managing business flows in general. Business process automation not only improves efficiency, but can also increase the quality of the company’s products and services.

Process management is an approach that allows you to organize and manage your business more effectively. With a BPMS, it is possible to define business flows in a clear and detailed way, and monitor the efficiency of processes in real time. This allows you to quickly identify any inefficiencies and make the necessary changes.

Concrete examples of success:

  • Reduced process execution time from about a month to just one week (about 80% less)
    Online Game Operator – New account opening request management process
  • Elimination of machine downtime caused by misalignments with sub-suppliers
    International manufacturing company – Process of integrating subcontractors with increased transparency and elimination of production delays
  • Increase in the quality of the service offered by reducing delivery errors and delays by more than 80%. National logistics company – Total elimination of paper and integration of all the players involved in the process of collecting and managing shipment requests

The best BMPS to make efficient business processes

Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite is the only low-code platform designed to bring customers towards their main goal: the “Digital Transformation”.

Key Benefits of Ultimus

Technology Leadership: Ultimus is a platform unmatched in its ability to meet the sophisticated needs of real-world customers.

Experience and Expertise: Ultimus has automated processes of all kinds and customer-facing processes in more industries, functions and countries than any other automation vendor.

Customer Satisfaction: Over 95% of customers continue to work with Ultimus after 5 years and over 80% continue to work with Ultimus after 8 years. Customers give Ultimus 4.9 out of 5.0 stars on one of the most rigorously audited IT peer review platforms.

Vision: No business process exists in isolation. Every process is part of an ecosystem of interdependent processes and applications that collectively determine an organization’s cost structure, agility, and customer satisfaction. Fulfilling the promise of business process automation means automating an entire business, rather than a single process. It means seamless process interoperability and seamless orchestration of complementary automation technologies. It means extending business processes beyond the organization so that customers, suppliers and partners share the benefits of automation. That’s what the Ultimus DPA Suite was designed for.

Trust the experience and expertise of Weblink, the Italian partner of Ultimus, the software for planning and organizing business processes.

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